Octave, Python and Julia

My Toolboxes are free (as in beer) but you do need to have a MATLAB licence to run them.  This has spawned some interest in alternative language implementations.  The Toolbox has been partly ported to Octave, Python and Julia.


The Toolbox, as distributed, includes Octave code that covers some of the functionality.  You can find that in the octave folder of the RTB distribution or on GitHub.  This provides a small subset of RTB and has not been updated in many years.

At least one user is working on improving Octave support, and Octave has become more compatible with MATLAB in the intervening period.  Octave 5 to be released in Jan 2019 will be the target for RTB Octave support.  Watch this space.  Post a message in the forum if you’re interested in this topic.


There are a few options to choose from, none as complete as the MATLAB version:

  • RoboPy is under active development and is available from GitHub or simply
pip install robopy


Julia is an exciting new language with a syntax like MATLAB but with other advanced features. If you haven’t discovered Julia yet it’s worth taking a look at https://julialang.org.

A partial port of RTB to Julia is on GitHub.