It’s on GitHub

githubMy code base lives on GitHub spread across a few repositories:

Now and again I put a coherent bunch of code out as a release.  These used to be zip files but now are packaged as MATLAB’s self-installing .mltbx files.

There is now continuous integration using TravisCI and codecov, see the links from the GitHub pages. Thanks to MathWorks for including me in their Travis testing program.

Development history

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For the longest time the toolboxes were maintained under SVN on my own server and later on Google Code.  Google Code is now a thing of the past but the history (from 2008) can still be found here:

Visit the repository,
See full change history


Actually I started using RCS (back in the day), then CVS, then SVN and now Git

The releases were:

RTB release 9 (September 2011)

Significant expansion to support the Robotics, Vision & Control book. Major additions include:

  • changes of class names for arm-type robots
  • mobile robot control, planning and localization
  • quadrotor control
  • improved documentation

You can get access to the various 9.x releases through the old download interface.

RTB release 8 (December 2008)

This is the first update to the toolbox since 2002. The main features of release 8 are:

  • integration with Matlab desktop, help and demo systems
  • variants of many functions that return a rotation rather than homog. transform matrix, for instance rotx() and trotx() return a 3×3 and 4×4 matrix respectively.
  • HTML format function help documentation (generated using m2html) integrated with help browswer
  • new robot models: Motoman, ABB, Fanuc
  • rpy2r and eul2r accept trajectories
  • fix errors in Simulink demos (due to code atrophy)
  • tested with Matlab 2008b
  • some functions have been retired
  • adopt the new MATLAB classdef object syntax

Available here.

RTB release 7 (April 2002)

MEX files, Simulink models and modified Denavit-Hartenberg support. This was released to support the third edition of John Craig’s textbook where the exercises made use of RTB.

Available here.

RTB release 6 (April 2001)

Available here.

RTB release 5 (April 1999)

First release with objects. Before that everything was a matrix.

RTB release 4 (August 1996)

Corresponded to the article published in the IEEE Robotics & Automation magazine.  Available here.

MVTB release 3 (September 2011)

Significant expansion to support the Robotics, Vision & Control book. Major additions include:

  • camera classes
  • feature classes
  • SIFT, SURF, graph-based segmentation, tracking, bag of words etc. ### release 2 (2005) ### release 1 (??)

MVTB release 2 (2005)

MVTB release 1 (1999)

The machine vision toolbox developed slowly during the 1990s to assist in research related to visual servoing, camera calibration, camera modeling, image processing.  The first release was in 1999.