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What’s in a MATLAB .mltbx file

Since 2015 MATLAB has supported the ability to distribute a Toolbox with all the files, documentation and settings packaged up in a single file with extension .mltbx.  Installation is now super easy, double click the file from the builtin file browser, or go to the Add-On Manager.

The file itself is a  zip file, but with a different extension

% unzip RTB.mltbx

Within it you will find one file and three folders:

  • [Content_Types].xml
  • _rels/  contains a single file called .rels
  • fsroot/  holds all the files within your toolbox and preserves the folder structure
  • metadata/ holds a number of .xml file with configuration information:


  1. addonProperties.xml
  2. applications.xml
  3. configuration.xml  list of paths
  4. coreProperties.xml
  5. examples.xml
  6. filesystemManifest.xml
  7. mwcoreProperties.xml
  8. mwcorePropertiesExtension.xml
  9. systemRequirements.xml

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