Two massive open online courses (MOOCs):wharton2

  • based on the top-selling textbook Robotics, Vision & Control
  • Pitched at undergraduate engineering and computer science level, prerequisites include:
    • knowledge of programming, in particular object-oriented programming, MATLAB® expererience helpful
    • knowledge of linear algebra (vectors, matrices etc.)
    • classical control theory (first-order dynamics) — this is limited to just one section (Intro to Robotics lecture 10)
  • 6 weeks each
  • 2 x 1 hour lectures per week, with formative quizzes to consolidate knowledge
  • Weekly assessment for grades
  • Weekly programming assignments in MATLAB (autograded)
  • Delivered via the familiar Open edX software platform from EdCast


  1. Introduction & motivation
  2. Where things are in 2D
  3. Where things are in 3D
  4. Creating smooth motion
  5. Measuring motion
  6. Robot arms & forward kinematics
  7. Inverse kinematics
  8. End point velocity & Jacobians
  9. Over & under actuation
  10. Robot independent joint control
  11. Rigid body dynamics
  12. Future of robotics & ethics

Robotics, Vision & Control chapters : 1-3, 7-9.


  1. Robotic Vision
  2. Getting images into the computer
  3. Image processing
  4. Spatial operators
  5. Feature extraction
  6. What is color?
  7. Image formation
  8. Image geometry
  9. 3D vision
  10. Advanced image processing
  11. Vision and motion

Robotics, Vision & Control chapters: 10-13, 15.

  1. Support from Mathworks, a downloadable license to MATLAB for the duration of the course is available.
  2. Discounted copies of the textbook available.

There’s a project component as well, build a robot vision system at home!

History of the MOOC in comic form