Peter with icecreams Software for robotics, vision and other things.  This includes the robotics and machine vision toolboxes for MATLAB®.  More recently this has become a book and then two MOOCs.

Everything is freeware so enjoy!

Robot Academy

The QUT Robot Academy provides free-to-use undergraduate-level learning resources for robotics and robotic vision. The content was developed for two 6-week MOOCs that ran in ...
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Robotics Toolbox

The Robotics Toolbox provides essential functions for the study and simulation of mobile robots and robot arm manipulators, with functions include path planning, localization, kinematics and dynamics ...
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Machine Vision Toolbox

The Machine Vision Toolbox provides essential functions for the study and practice of computer vision and vision-based control. Functionality includes image display, filtering, blob, point and line feature extraction, mathematical morphology, fundamental and essential matrices, homographies, visual Jacobians, photometry, photogrammetry, and colorimetry ...
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Robotics, Vision & Control (all versions)

Widely used for teaching around the world, first published in 2011, and now significantly extended for the second edition ...
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